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The advantages of cotton bags

The advantages of cotton bags

Company News
2019/07/04 13:54
The advantages of cotton bags
1.Easy to clean
A cotton environmental protection bag, the price is relatively high, and the workmanship is exquisite, incorporating a lot of fashion elements in it, and the cotton bag is very easy to clean due to the characteristics of its material, so few people will throw it a few times. Lost.
2. Moisture absorption and moisturizing properties
Cotton cloth is the main type of textile fabric, natural fiber. It can absorb water into the atmosphere, and the water absorbed has a good preservation ability, because the cotton fiber itself has a porous structure, which can better absorb water. The moisture can maintain the softness of the cloth bag itself, while the softness can reduce friction and breakage and increase the life. At the same time, the moisturizing effect can reduce the conduction of electricity and heat.
3. Durable
Cotton cloth is heat resistant and water resistant. The reuse of a cotton bag is quite high. So it is more cost-effective.
Customized gift-giving green bags and cotton bags are suitable.