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problems will arise in the production of

problems will arise in the production of

Company News
2019/01/24 16:35

We have been talking about the use of non-woven fabrics, the scope of its use and so on, but we are talking about one aspect, that is, the use of non-woven fabrics in greenhouse insulation and some related maintenance-oriented projects, in these aspects, the use of it has proved that there are no problems and drawbacks, then, is it to say that non-woven fabrics do not exist? What's the problem? In fact, what problems will arise in the production of non-woven fabrics? Today we emphasize the use of non-woven fabrics in the textile industry. In the process of textile spinning, cooling air should be uniformly cooled. In this process, non-woven products should be used to exhaust air. Before, we have not discussed the uniformity of non-woven fabrics, and it will not be used in thermal insulation, but in the process of cooling, it is uniform. Uniformity is really very important, if the product does not reach the uniformity standard, then it will cause serious filament phenomenon, affect the normal production, thus causing economic losses. Uniformity is not required for non-woven fabrics in every industry. However, with the widespread use of non-woven fabrics, the corresponding standards will become stronger and stronger. Whether we need to use uniformity standards in greenhouse insulation is also inevitable in the future.