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Check the quality of non-woven bags

Check the quality of non-woven bags

Trade News
2019/05/30 17:36
1. Check the work of the non woven bag.
The bag has no shoulder bag, the sewing is neat, the stitches are even and fine, and the surface is flat. The bag size deviation does not exceed 0.5CM. The printing plate has a positive heart angle and suitable distances from top to bottom. The color registration must be accurate, and the distance deviation should not exceed 0.1cm.
2. Non-woven bag load bearing requirements.
80 grams of non-woven handbags are important for 10 kilograms or more. Hand and cover should be strong.
3. Non-woven color
The fabric is of a positive color and is brightly colored.
4. Non-woven tote bag printing process.
Regardless of silk screen, film, thermal transfer, flexographic printing, color coverage is strong, and the color of the pattern and text should be consistent and clear.
5. The bag should be a green bag and the printing must be non-toxic and tasteless.